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My personal test setup => Litmus

EDIT: In April of 2022, I switched to using Litmus for all of my email testing. That pretty much renders this page irrelevant. There should be no links pointing to this page, I’m just keeping it for nostalgic reasons.


Please note: when you ask me to design and code your email template, I’ll take care of 99% of testing activities. However, the last 1% has to occur when you set up your actual campaign. Before sending it out to your subscribers, you need to make a quick test run (preferably including one desktop email client and one mobile email client).


My personal test setup*
I run a quite extensive test setup in order to make sure your email template renders properly across various devices and platforms. This is the hardware and software I use for email template testing:


  • Office 365 on Windows 10
  • Outlook 2016 on Windows 10
  • Outlook 2013 on Windows 8
  • Outlook 2010 on Windows Vista
  • Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista
  • Windows Live Mail on Windows 10
  • Thunderbird on Windows 10 and Linux (Mint)
  • Apple Mail on iMac
  • Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo!
  • Android Mail on Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 **
  • Gmail app on Android and iOS
  • iOS Mail on iPhone 5 and iPad 2 **
  • Lots of web versions (Windows 10: Edge and Opera || Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer || OSX: Safari)


Other email clients and / or devices
Even though the list above is quite comprehensive, it’s not actually complete. There are other email clients and devices out there. Please note that – unless we’ve explicitly agreed to include other email clients in the test setup – I will ignore them, because their market share is just too small to consider.


* This list may change over time: email clients that are (not) supported today, may (not) be supported tomorrow.


** Android and iOS offer tons of email apps. Testing email templates in all of them is just crazy monkey business, so I only consider stock email apps.