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Every job is unique: some people are simply looking for a template and / or some assistance in setting things up, others want me to manage the full implementation of their email marketing strategy. That’s why I provide specific quotes for all projects. With the number of email marketing projects that I have under my belt, I can definitely provide some general guidelines though. Keep reading to find out.


Custom templates – standardized

“Custom and standardized” may sound contradictory. However, a custom template is simply anything that’s hand crafted (as opposed to being created by a template builder). And “standardized” isn’t the same as “standard”. It simply means I will be working with a boilerplate that has withstood the test of time.


The design as a whole will still be tailored to your styling requirements. It will carry your logo, your brand colors, and it’ll include plenty of options to display your content in a playful manner – yet with consistent styling. As a result, these templates are very professional looking as well as seriously flexible and versatile.


Most (like, 99 out of a 100) people choose this option. For good reason too: this will get you a high quality custom template (testing, installation and instruction included) for under a thousand euros:




Put this together and you’ll end up somewhere between € 650,- (USD / CAD / AUD / NZD / GBP) and € 950,- (USD / CAD / AUD / NZD / GBP). If you need more than one template and they’re similar in nature, I’ll usually offer a package deal. However, most scenarios only require a single template with some built-in flexibility.


Template design includes one round of revisions. Small tweaks after that will not lead to additional charges, but large changes might. As long as you make sure your initial feedback is thorough, you won’t have to worry about this though.


Custom templates – Into The Wild

Alternatively, I can go off the beaten track and create something truly unique. We’ll still have to work with limitations that email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc) impose on us, but other than that anything goes. In a template project like this, I’ll go the extra mile to make sure your template is one of a kind.


Into The Wild templates start at € 1.000,- (USD / CAD / AUD / NZD / GBP).


Testing, installation and instruction

Whether you decide to go for a standardized or an Into The Wild template, the project will include an elaborate testing procedure, installation in your MailChimp / Copernica account and an instruction on how to make the most of your custom email template.


Hourly rate – for other types of work
My hourly is € 90,- (USD / CAD / AUD / NZD / GBP), and it usually applies to non-template activities (although it may apply to a template project as well). There is a minimum of two hours for projects that do not include the creation of a custom template (this is to cover overhead). These are some of the things that I could do for you by the hour:


  • Coding custom emails that – for any reason – do not fit within the template model as outlined above
  • Certain specific email template projects (e.g. if the total workload / span of the project can’t be determined up front in a precise manner)
  • Configuring MailChimp / Copernica accounts
  • Setting up email lists and (un)subscription forms
  • Setting up RSS Campaigns and Autoresponders
  • Consultation on list management, segmentation and overall email marketing strategy
  • MailChimp / Copernica instruction
  • MailChimp / Mandrill / Copernica API guidance and / or programming
  • Et cetera…


If you have any other needs regarding your email campaign, just let me know. I’m pretty sure we can work something out.


All prices are VAT excluded (if applicable). I don’t bill every single email reply or call, but if there’s been a lot of communications over the course of a few days, I may book a (half) hour for that.