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There’s no substitute for word of mouth marketing, so here’s a taste of what other people have to say about me:


James, GetkOOky

“What can one say about Raymond? His work ethic, attention to detail and experience in all things Chimp are out of this world. Another positive is that besides the tech / engineering side to his work, we found out you can pick his brain on creative and design issues, and he delivers on that front as well!


Raymond is a jack of all trades within the email marketing world and he comes readily available (seems not to sleep). All tasks set and all expectations exceeded for our email campaign projects. We will continue to work with Raymond until he has had enough of us – not the other way around!”


Shortly after implementing his new template, he sent me this:


“Hey Ray! [employee’s name] put her first email blast together for us – I added the banner and a bit of text in the header, but she took care of all the links, image cropping and general template layout, so basically all the monkey tasks I don’t have time for. And she nailed it! She did a great job on her first true go, and she’ll only get better and faster, that’s for sure. So a HUGE congrats to you for the training. So valuable!”


Anthony, AlphaDynamic

“After struggling with Mail Chimp for a few months we made the decision to find somebody who could do it properly and produce good results – just finding that somebody who could understand what we wanted wasn’t too easy! Ray caught my eye, we made contact and before we knew things were running like an express train, with excellent results!


  • Open/Click rates have increased significantly
  • Enquiry Rates have increased by 50%
  • Staggeringly – website traffic has doubled!


So 50+ Emailshots later and a 17% increase in sales, I can say we’re pretty satisfied.


Ray is an all-round good bloke, as well as an excellent Mail Chimper – you can delegate the work to him knowing that he will do it far better than yourself, while going out of his way to keep the schedule on track.


Thanks Ray.”


Sasha T.

“Over the course of 5 months I had the pleasure to work with Ray on a series of email projects for my company. He is always available, always receptive, always knowledgeable, always prompt, always on deadline, and always gave us the best advice and quality of work. It is rare that I write a review without including the limitations of a contractor, but in this case there are no limitations to report. Ray can do it all, and even when he doesn’t know the issue, he is so darn quick in finding out how to fix, change, or make it better.


If you are browsing the MailChimp Expert directory site and looking for someone to work with, you would be foolish not to reach out to Ray and discuss your needs. Without hesitation this is a glowing review of a really great Mail Chimp expert who will make your life so easy by helping you implement whatever you need. I would highly recommend that you stop reading this and start emailing him….you will be very happy that you did! And one last thing: If you ever want to speak to me directly I would be happy to speak with you about my experience with Ray. Reach out to him and he can pass along my email. Best of luck to you.”


Still not convinced?

Hire me – it’s the only way to find out if the people quoted above are telling the truth! Step one: send me an email.