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Including videos in your email

Videos are awesome. Provided your video is of good quality (both technically and content wise), it has the potential to convey your message a lot quicker and clearer than any written blog post.   The thing is though: videos won’t play in email clients. They just won’t. However, there are some platforms (which shall remain […]

Don’t use anchor texts that follow the URL format

There are many reasons for spam filters to not like an incoming message, but this is a big one: links that appear to be fraudulent.   When directing people to your website from your email, you may be inclined to say something like “Hey guys, visit www.[mydomain].com”. That sounds great, but most ESPs (MailChimp and […]

Outlook pagebreak issue

[Sarcasm and mild swearing alert for this post – read at your own risk!] If you’re into email marketing (you probably are, given the fact that you somehow ended up on my blog), you may be aware that Microsoft Outlook is your archenemy. I can’t even begin to list ALL of the reasons why it […]

Email templates with built-in flexibility

Unless you’re a HTML savvy email pirate that likes to code every email from scratch, this blogpost is for you. Because if you’re not one of those, you probably (want to) use a more or less predetermined template for creating your email campaigns. And if you do, you have traded (a little bit of) freedom […]

E-mailmarketing vs Social Media

“Should I use email marketing to generate more sales, or should I rely on social media?” Yes, let’s talk about that. Oh wait, let’s not. It’s a pointless endeavour at best. You may as well try to figure out whether you need a new car or new shoes. They both get you from point A […]