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Let’s do it together

Some jobs just aren’t meant to be approached with the classic “intake – quote – sign off – get started” strategy. Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty right from the start. And it’s best to do this together.


Signup forms

Say you need to integrate a signup form in your website. We could go through all the options by email, or discuss them through Skype. Then I could tell you: this option will take X hours to implement, that option will take Y hours. This option will have this and that consequence, that option will lead to such and so. Boooooring!


By the time we’ll get something done, it’ll be Christmas – next year. So how about I give you a no pay no cure kind of deal where we sit down behind our computers, connect through Skype and just “get stuff done” real time? I explain the options, you make a decision, we / I implement the solution – done! Can’t get any more efficient than that.


List management

The same goes for list management. Say you have a bunch of lists and you feel they could be merged but you have no clue how to handle the mess. Or let’s say you have some subscribers in MailChimp, some in your CRM or website backend platform and a few in an Excel sheet. How on earth are you going to manage that? Well…say no more. Simply list what you have and tell me what you need, and we’ll do it together!


Or…how about simply building a single list? We could discuss the options like list fields and segments and so on, and I could write everything down and then I implement it later. However, if you know what you’re doing (and I do!), adding a list field takes about as much time as it does to write down which field to add. So instead of taking notes, I’d rather get it done – together!


Setting up a quick email campaign

Not all emails require a custom template. Sometimes you just want to get the word out and all you need is something that simply looks a little more professional than a handwritten postcard. If that’s your deal, this program is for you my friend!


MailChimp instruction

Want to know how Automation works? Need me to explain how you can edit your MailChimp hosted signup form? Need someone to walk you through your campaign reports? Want to build segments? Add fields to your list? …? …? …? Let’s do it together!


Other jobs

There may be other jobs that are quite suitable for my “Let’s do it together” program. If you’re wondering if you qualify, all you have to do is ask.


How long will it take?

Tell me what you need, and I’ll tell you how much time I think we’ll need to get it done together. I’ve done tons of projects over the past 9 years, so I’ve become quite accurate at estimating time frames. Got curious? Good, then contact me!


What if we can’t get something done right away?

No biggy, we’ll schedule a follow up session. Or if it’s something that doesn’t require us to actually “do it together”, I could do it once I have all the information I need.


Bullet points

I like to believe this page speaks for itself, but let’s throw in some bullet points. Bullet points are fun. Watch how they explain the advantages of the “Let’s do it together” program:


  • You don’t have to listen to me talk for too long, because I’ll be too busy getting stuff done.
  • You’ll get an insightful instruction and an “I’ll do this for you” primate all rolled into one big email tortilla. How about that?
  • It’s efficient. Talk about something once and implement it right away. Say goodbye to your to do list and endless email conversations – sorry!
  • You will learn something new. By simply having somebody do something for you, you learn nothing. You’ll need that person again the next time around. By doing it together, you’ll pick up some skills that will probably come in handy some day.
  • And last but not least: doing things together will prevent ambiguity that may arise between the time we “talked about it” and the time I start the actual implementation. Situations like that would require us to “discuss” stuff again! Brrr…this gives me the shivers just thinking about it.


Questions? Want to “do it together”?

Well, I hate to state the obvious…but how about you just reach out to me already?


Got sent here by yours truly?

Well…go back to your email program, select my message and reply with the words “Ray, this is truly brilliant – let’s do it!”.