mailchimp expert copernica partner

My promise to you

If we end up working together, I will:


  • NOT send any emails to anybody on any of your lists without your explicit permission.
  • NOT download or export any email addresses from any of your lists or databases without your explicit permission.
  • NOT share your login details or mailing lists or any other data with anybody without your explicit permission (unless I’m required by law).
  • Fix any bugs that you may find in any of your templates – provided that I coded them in the first place. * / **


* Please note that email clients will change over time. A template that renders perfectly today, may not render correctly tomorrow. If you need me to resolve an issue in a scenario like this, I reserve the right to charge you for my time.


** Determining whether or not an issue can be classified as a “bug” is up to me. What is perceived as a bug by the client, may actually be a feature or a workaround the developer needed in order to achieve his / her programming goals.