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Don’t use anchor texts that follow the URL format

There are many reasons for spam filters to not like an incoming message, but this is a big one: links that appear to be fraudulent.


When directing people to your website from your email, you may be inclined to say something like “Hey guys, visit www.[mydomain].com”. That sounds great, but most ESPs (MailChimp and Copernica included) create redirects for all links for click tracking purposes.


As a result, the actual link in the email won’t point to “http://www.[mydomain].com”, but to some long obscure URL blob that may or may not explicitly reveal the ESP you’re using. Regardless of the exact URL pattern, it will NOT look like your actual domain name, and therefore it will NOT match your anchor text.


Spam filters get spooked when this happens, because this is how fishing works: a link seems to point to location A, but it secretly points to location B. Click on the link, fill out your bank account login details and poof – there goes your money.


Now, that’s not the kind of emails you will send, right? Right. But as always, bad things happen to good people. So in order to prevent your emails from being flagged as fraude, it’s best not to use anchor texts that follow the URL format. Instead of “Visit” just say “Visit my awesome website“.


It’s that simple.

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