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E-mailmarketing vs Social Media

“Should I use email marketing to generate more sales, or should I rely on social media?” Yes, let’s talk about that. Oh wait, let’s not. It’s a pointless endeavour at best. You may as well try to figure out whether you need a new car or new shoes. They both get you from point A […]

The best time or day for sending newsletters

The question “What is the best time or day to send email newsletters?” has been the subject of debate for many years. Researchers have performed studies with the single goal of finding the Ultimate Email Day and the Ultimate Email Time.   I love it when people who have nothing to do with my email […]

Common mistakes in email marketing

Email marketing is an exciting business. It enables us to connect with our target audience in an efficient way, while still maintaining a somewhat personal approach. And the best part? It’s great for creating engagement and interaction. And those are your bill payers right there. Not great products, not great marketing. Engagement and interaction, for […]

Plan your content ahead of time and use categories

Lots of folks start their email campaign with great enthusiasm. Spirits are high, and content is “no problem”. Everybody in the company is in on it, because they’re expecting a great payoff. The first email is sent out, results are being analyzed and maybe some champagne finds its way down a couple of thirsty throats. […]

A couple of quick email marketing tips

Today, I’ve got a couple of quick tips for ya. They’re not related (other than all of them being email marketing issues, obviously), but they’re all equally important things to keep in mind. Here we go:   Make sure to include an unsubscribe link where people expect it People who want to leave you, will […]