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Email deliverability: getting to the inbox

Deliverability is everything. You can create the most amazing email campaign you want, but if it doesn’t find its way to your recipients’ inbox, then what’s the point? So first and foremost, you need to get rounds on target.


First of all, there are some technical measures to be taken: make sure you tell the world your from address is authentic by setting up a sender ID and validate your emails by adding an DKIM record to your DNS.


In terms of the contents of your email, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure your message has the highest chance of ending up in people’s inboxes. Most of these things are just ways to prevent your message from ending up in someone’s spambox rather than not being delivered at all. Either way, here we go:


  • Don’t overuse words like “free” or “discount”, especially in the subject line.
  • Don’t overuse bold print, CAPITAL TEXT and exclamation marks either!!!!!!
  • Don’t use white text on white background, blue on blue, etc.
  • Make sure the image vs text ratio of your email favours text.
  • Make sure your email isn’t heavy on images, period.
  • When working with HTML, provide solid code without broken tags.
  • Always provide a plain text version of your campaign.
  • Don’t go into the viagra or penis enlargement business. Just don’t.
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