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Plan your content ahead of time and use categories

Lots of folks start their email campaign with great enthusiasm. Spirits are high, and content is “no problem”. Everybody in the company is in on it, because they’re expecting a great payoff. The first email is sent out, results are being analyzed and maybe some champagne finds its way down a couple of thirsty throats. […]

A couple of quick email marketing tips

Today, I’ve got a couple of quick tips for ya. They’re not related (other than all of them being email marketing issues, obviously), but they’re all equally important things to keep in mind. Here we go:   Make sure to include an unsubscribe link where people expect it People who want to leave you, will […]

Balancing text and images in email marketing

A newsletter usually contains both text and images. Some people (like myself) choose to use very little images, others use a lot of them. So which is better? Or better yet: is one way truly better than the other?   As always, this mostly depends on what you’re offering. If you’re selling products like – […]

How often should I send out a newsletter?

People often wonder, should I send a newsletter every week? Every month? Twice a day? The optimal sending frequency has been the topic of many debates in the past, and it’ll probably continue to be a point of discussion for a long time. Here’s my take on the matter: it all depends…   Who’s your […]

Common mistakes in email template design

Email template design is both easier and harder than other types of design. It’s easier because you can’t use the most flashy types of styling, and it’s harder because you need to balance form with function waaaay more than with designing websites, brochures or banners. Over the years, I’ve come across a couple of common […]