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Email deliverability: getting to the inbox

Deliverability is everything. You can create the most amazing email campaign you want, but if it doesn’t find its way to your recipients’ inbox, then what’s the point? So first and foremost, you need to get rounds on target.   First of all, there are some technical measures to be taken: make sure you tell […]

Outlook doesn’t know how to add

Outlook sucks in so many ways, it’s unbelievable it’s still out there. With that said, the specific quirk that I want to discuss today, is called the “Outlook can’t add” bug.   All right, I just made that up. But it’s exactly what’s happening: Outlook isn’t able to add the pixel widths of tables and […]


“Do you think that’s email you’re sending?”   There are two definitions of spam. One is the definition by law, and the other one is how people perceive incoming messages. You need to be aware of this distinction, and the worst part is: you need to abide by both sets of rulse. Yuck!   Spam […]

Email bounces

An email that doesn’t reach its intended recipient, is said to “bounce” off the receiving email server. There are three major types of bounces: syntax bounces, hard bounces and soft bounces. This blog post aims to explain these types of email errors, and it will tell you how MailChimp and Copernica handle bounces.   Syntax […]

Custom email template coding

You may be aware of the fact that website layouts sometimes appear a little different across various web browsers. However, the differences are getting smaller every day, since Microsoft finally seems to realize it needs to comply with the standards that other browsers have been following since the beginning of time.   Web browsers vs […]